The Piaggio MP3 500 was the first 3-wheel scooter to hit the market back in 2006 that allowed an even larger audience the ability to feel comfortable riding something that felt like a motorcycle. The unique dual front wheel design enables the scooter to tilt in corners for exceptional handling but lock when the rider comes to a stop. With the ability to combine elements of a four wheeled vehicle with a two-wheel vehicle the MP3 500 creates something extraordinary.


Many people are hesitant to purchase a motorcycle because they are unfamiliar with how to ride one, worried about their safety or want a vehicle that is easy to ride. Luckily the MP3 500 covers all of the above. The three-wheel design allows the scooter to maintain stability through corners and any rough surface one may throw at it. Unlike any motorcycle, the two front wheels of the MP3 won’t be disturbed by any pothole as the front wheels articulate to balance out the vehicle for a smooth ride. While some may be intimidated by the size of the vehicle, once moving it feels just like any other Piaggio scooter. With the absence of a clutch the MP3 makes city riding a breeze but don’t worry with a 500cc engine it is more than capable to hit the highways and get you to freedom.

Bruno dePrato from Cycle World states “In 2006, the Piaggio MP3 came powered by the then most refined generation of Piaggio four-stroke singles, the 125 and the 250cc units. Since then, Piaggio kept evolving the MP3, not only to counter (the few) potential competitors, but mainly to expand the efficiency and the appeal of its very smart three-wheeler. The new edition of the MP3 has gone a long way into efficiency, comfort, performance, security, and riding pleasure.”


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