The MP3, a true game changer.

With MP3 Piaggio has skilfully reinvented urban mobility. The Piaggio MP3 is the world's first three-wheel scooter, a concrete response to the demand for easy-to-handle, extremely safe city vehicles that can get about in the city or reach the city centre from the ever-growing suburbs. The two front wheels and exclusive patented suspension system that connects them combine the safety of a car with the simplicity and practicality of a scooter and the fun of a dynamic motorcycle ride on a twisty road. This is why Piaggio MP3 is able to truly satisfy global demand: from drivers looking for a more practical yet safe alternative, to the experienced motorcyclist able to appreciate the advantages and technical features of a vehicle that has created a new market segment of which it is the undisputed leader.


The new Piaggio MP3 range represents the pinnacle of technological excellence applied to Piaggio Group scooters. The 350 and 500 cc engine sizes are able to satisfy all urban and non-urban mobility needs: Piaggio MP3 500 hpe is now available in three different versions, Business, Sport and the new Sport Advanced, each characterised by different colours and equipment, while Piaggio MP3 350 is available in just one version, and takes up the Piaggio MP3 500 hpe Sport colour range. All models can be ridden with a car driver's licence.


Important to know that the newest addition to the UK range, the MP3 300 HPE Sport, is exempt from congestion charge being exactly 2 meters long.


Ultimate safety: three wheels, ABS and ASR.

All models in the Piaggio MP3 range adopt the ABS anti-locking braking system integrated with ASR traction control (Acceleration Slip Regulation). The ASR (first brought to scooters by Piaggio) can be easily disconnected and guarantees safety by keeping the rear wheel from slipping on dangerous surfaces like wet asphaltThe three channel ABS system, developed in collaboration with Continental, maximizes active safety preventing wheel blockage when braking and providing full control of the vehicle at all times.

The Piaggio MP3 employs an all-disc braking system on the three wheels, with a disc diameter of no less than 258 mm. Greater safety and an even smoother ride are provided by the large 13 inch diameter front wheels.The Piaggio MP3 also owes its success to exclusive patented Piaggio technologyfor the dual independent, tilting front wheels regulated by a unique four bar linkage suspension, which the leading Group in Europe designed and developed before any other manufacturer in the world to ensure maximum riding pleasure in complete safety.


The blocking mechanism for the front suspension, a distinguishing feature of the three-wheel Italian scooter, transforms the balance of the Piaggio MP3 from dynamic to static. Start up the Piaggio MP3 and it stays in balance on the three wheels without the need for a stand (fitted nonetheless). To resume normal operation accelerate or use the dedicated push button. This means you never need to put your foot in the ground and you can park the Piaggio MP3 anywhere, easily and without effort.


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