The MP3 family expands 


Now the MP3 Yourban is classed EURO 4

Stability and easy handling combine with agility, brilliant performance and reduced fuel comsumption. As ever, safety and comfort are top priorities for the three-wheel scooter which gave birth to the category and has remained a best seller for over 10 years. 

The MP3 300 Yourban LT – light, sporty and dynamic. 

The most agile and lightweight of the Piaggio MP3 family is the MP3 300 Yourban LT which conforms with Euro 4 thanks to its high-performing, low emission 300-cc engine. 

We are talking about a four-stroke, four-valve, electronic injection single cylinder which can deliver power of up to 15.5 kW (21.1 HP) at 7250 rpm with maximum torque of 22.5 Nm at 6000 rpm: values which add up to outstanding performance and response. 

On the technical / dynamic front, the lighter weight compared with its equal-cylinder Piaggio MP3 counterpart can be felt both in stopping and running, with a noticeable increase in agility, especially at lower speeds.  The front chassis is exceptionally price and even more responsive than ever. 

The front articulated quadrilateral suspension system and two wheels are distinctive elements which make driving the Piaggio MP3 a truly revolutionary experience, with stability on the curves to rival any scooter, and excellent road holding, including on wet or slippery surfaces.  

Its compact dimensions and great handling make the Piaggio MP3 300 Yourban LT a breeze to park and stop, especially for female drivers whilst the electric hydraulic suspension blocking system (fitted on all models in the series) mean you don’t need to use the kickstand when the vehicle is stationary

Versions and colours 

The Piaggio MP3 300 Yourban LT comes in two elegant glossy colour choices: Nero Cosmo (black) and Rosso Ibis (red), both with embossing and seat in black. 

There is also a Sport version which is characterized by it bodywork in glossy black, combined with wheel rims and heat shield also in black and its seat with distinctive red stitching. 

Meanwhile, the Yourban Sport LT comes in matt grey (Grigio Titanio Opaco) and white (Bianco Luna). Both models include a comprehensive range of accessories to ensure an even more comfortable and protected driving experience. 

MP3 300/500 LT

The Piaggio MP3 was the world’s first three-wheel scooter, the response to a demand  for an option which made getting around town safe and easy, bearing in mind that with urban sprawl, commuters are often needing to cover longer distances. 

The success of the Piaggio MP3 is due in no small way to the exclusive Piaggio technology with its two front independent tilting wheels are managed by articulated quadrilateral suspension designed by the company in order to guarantee maximum driving pleasure and safety. 

The block mechanism of the front suspensions which has always marked out the Piaggio three-wheel vehicle, transforms the balance of the MP3 from dynamic to static. This means that the driver need not put their feet on the ground, and also is extremely useful when parking. 

The rigorously tested and much-loved Piaggio MP3 300 and 500 models have been joined by the following additions: 

Piaggio MP3 300 Sport LT (new) 

Piaggio MP3 500 Special Edition LT ABS/ASR (new) 

Piaggio MP3 300 Sport LT – safety and practicality 

The entry level model in the Piaggio MP3 range is available as a 300-cc and comes in white (Bianco Pastello) and matt black (Nero Carbonio Opaco), both with black seat contrasting with wheel rims and passenger handgrip in matt grey. This new version of the Piaggio MP3, with pared-back features, is extremely affordable, and will appeal to an ever-growing public seeking the safety benefits that three-wheel technology offers. 

The four-valve, liquid-cooled, four-stroke 300-cc engine with electronic injection delivers up to 15.5 kW at 7250 rpm and torque of 22.5 Nm at 6000rpm. This all adds up to superb response making it ideal not only for the stop-go rhythm of city travel but also for the motorway, making it comfortable and easy to make longer trips, with excellent protection from wind and spacious underseat storage rarely found in a vehicle of its category, able to comfortably hold two full-face helmets. 

Piaggio MP3 500 Special Edition LT ABS/ASR – an exclusive sporty look 

We are talking about a new special version, an evolution of the racy Piaggio MP3 500 Sport LT ABS/ASR. Its unique details include stylistic elements, first and foremost the graphic scheme which features blue and carbon-look detailing and a gritty-looking footwell with metallic inserts. It also boasts its own dedicated colour in matt grey (Grigio Titanio opaco). The blue details extend to the seat (made of a new type of fabric) and to the black wheel rims. 

With power of up to 28.5 k at 7250 rpm and torque of 45.5 Nm at 5000 rpm, this bike will more than meet the demands of city, metropolitan and out-of-town mobility. 

On the safety front, there is of course the Piaggio exclusive three-wheel system with both ABS and ASR, whilst exceptional onboard comfort is matched by plenty of underseat storage (opened by a remote which also includes Bike Finder) which can hold two full-face helmets. 

All Piaggio MP3 models come with the plenty of accessory options (such as high windshield, cover and heated handgrips) and the sophisticated Piaggio Multimedia Platform which connects your smartphone to the onboard electronics system to create a convenient and advanced multi-function control instrument.