The Feisty Side of Sporty Style

A dynamic beast, the MP3 500, gives the street a sporty, yet bold new look. With a unique style and a powerful presence, roar through traffic on this impressive vehicle.


Constructed with high performance and efficiency, the MP3 Sport 500 HPE is the perfect combination of strength and comfort. A safe ride boasting 33.6 ft-lbs of torque at 5,000 rpm, this specialized machine makes an impact on the road.


Power and Performance


A stand-out feature of the MP3 500 is the new single-cylinder 500 HPE (High Performance Engine.) Built with performance, efficiency, and a 4-stroke, 4 value design, it displays an increase in performance nearly 14-percent higher than the previous model.


The electronic acceleration system optimizes engine operation and flow effortlessly with a touch of a button. With a maximum power of 38.8 hp at 7,250 rpm in a three-wheel design, this juggernaut is a thrill on the streets.



Wicked, Twisted Sporty Design


It’s no surprise that the MP3 500 has sharp, athletic style. A versatile three-wheeler, the MP3 sports highly efficient and exclusive gas shock absorbers developed by Kayaba, coupled with edgy daisy-shaped front brake discs.

Featuring a “sport” badge rear tail, a matt black exhaust protector and passenger hand grips, this vehicle’s swagger is visually enhanced by carbon look hydrographics on the central tunnel and button panel of the rear shield. This model also comes in your choice of glossy gray, black and matte green options.


Of course, there’s no need to ride alone. With an updated, more modern design, the MP3 500 features a new saddle and back rest. Coupled with ergonomic hand holds, it’s the perfect ride for two.


Safety in Style


Power doesn’t mean a lack of safety. The MP3 500 features the three-channel ABS, developed together with Continental, which ensures active safety levels and bars wheel blocking while breaking. The front brakes are built with two 258 mm discs with hydraulic control, with a single 240 mm disk at the rear. Riders have no fear; with the ABS system and two large 13-inch front wheels, you will have control and absorption capacity on the road. An addition of the ASR (Acceleration Slip Regulation) also protects against skidding on slippery surfaces. 


Power and performance, safety and style, the sporty MP3 500 is the perfect traveling companion for tearing up the road. With a unique look, an impressive high-performance engine, and a comfortable two-rider design, this three-wheeler is ready to conquer the route to your next destination.