Piaggio BV 350 Exposed | Twist The Throttle

Powerful Punch, Unique Style

With peak power, practicality, and style, the Piaggio BV 350 is an impressive scooter with a performance that overdelivers. Don’t just drive to your destination; cruise on a throttle-twisting machine with the agility and efficiency that will leave all your cares behind.

With a state-of-the art engine, technical marvels, and a chic Italian design, this scooter makes traveling a pleasure.


Powerhouse Performance

The BV 350 delivers power on performance comparable to a 400cc design, but with the finesse of a lightweight and agile 300cc. With a single-cylinder 350cc engine, this vehicle glides smoothly through traffic or the open road. The BV 350 has the only motor in its category to use a wet type automatic multi-disc clutch.

Power doesn’t mean more fuel consumption. Built with a 3.2-gal (12 liter) tank, the BV 350’s engine gets 65.38 mpg (27.8 km per liter) despite a maximum 30 horsepower and 21.4 ft/lbs of torque. Might meets fuel efficiency for a thrilling ride in this lightweight design.


Comfortable Cruising

Riding in style doesn’t mean a sacrifice in comfort. With a hydraulic telescopic front fork and rear dual hydraulic shock absorbers, you are in for a relaxing ride. For longer trips, the Piaggio BV 350 comes with plenty of storage options including a divided section in the rear shield.

Additionally, this tech savvy scooter includes a USB socket for charging on the go. For more storage, the BV 350’s seat can be unlocked manually or by remote. Below contains a compartment large enough for two full-face helmets so you can ride alone or as a pair.


Flashy Features in a Sleek Body

A classy Italian-inspired design, the BV 350 is enhanced by technological details and a smooth finish. Crafted with high resistance tubular steel, this ride comes complete with three analogue elements including a fuel gauge, speedometer, and cooling liquid temperature. With an LCD multi-display pane and warning lights, the BV 350 communicates the ABS status and the ASR traction control for safe driving on wet or dirty surfaces.

Driving never felt so good! Try it for yourself - the BV 350 will take you on thrill-ride in style. This compact, yet powerful design will have you breezing through your daily cruise. With a top-of-the line look and state-of-the-art components, the BV 350 captures the allure of the road.