MP3 500 & BV 350 Meet the Track

Not every day do you have the opportunity to enjoy an experience on two (or three) wheels in an environment free of lights, stop signs, and automobiles. Recently Piaggio Group Americas had the opportunity to host a track day at New York Safety Track in New York State to allow motorcycle enthusiasts to test some of our thrilling Aprilia models, so we thought we would tag along with our higher displacement Piaggio models, and brought the MP3 500 and BV 350 to showcase the alternative end of what Piaggio Group has to offer.


A lucky few took both scooters out for a few fun laps around the track and came back to the pits with the biggest grins. Most of them had ridden or owned scooter but never had so much fun on one before. The MP3 500, with its leaning 3-wheeled design, always surprises with its stability and handling. The fact that it is able to lean into corners as if it has only two wheels is an unusual but extremely satisfying, as well as confidence inspiring feeling. The two front wheels are not only able to articulate to allow the scooter to lean but create more surface area for the front of the vehicle creating more grip and stability. Powered by a single cylinder, the MP3 is produces 38.8 hp @ 7,250 rpm. This allows the scooter to reach high speeds, in the scooter world, while also consuming less fuel. Equipping the MP3 500 with ABS and ASR ensures that even at speed in the twists and turns of a track the vehicle stays planted.

The capability of the BV 350 was also a surprise to the riders. It weighs significantly less than the MP3 500 yet packs a similar punch. The BV 350 is also a single cylinder engine that produces 30 hp which gives the scooter its speedy and agile performance. Also equipped with ABS and ASR the scooter stays just where you want it to be at all times.


Sure, neither set the same pace as MotoGP superbikes, but they provide countless smiles, and an element of safety, style and comfort that is practical and fun for everyday usage. If you would like to learn more about either model click the links below!